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Learn More About This Rare Earth Investment Opportunity

Canada Rare Earth is developing an international supply network business based on our commodity-trading platform and existing, developing, and planned processing facilities. We are generating revenues and gross profits as we develop our network based on the rare earth industry and with increasing attention directed to valuable by-products. Our business involves sourcing, adding value and selling rare earths and other mineral products in all stages and forms utilizing proprietary, affiliated, and third-party sources and facilities.

To accomplish this, the company is:

  • identifying potential rare earth sources that can provide a reliable long-term supply
  • developing full capability rare earth separation facilities in strategic locations
  • enhancing relationships with top-tier major international manufacturing companies that depend on rare earths for their market-leading products
To learn more about our vision and strategy, view our Investor Presentation or our White Label Growth Report


Investor Relations Contact
For more information about Canada Rare Earth, please contact:

Tracy A. Moore, CEO

Peter Shearing, COO

+1 604 638 8886

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